Independence, not dependence

These healthy people who are now able to look after themselves are a very different group to those we met at the beginning.

There is often a newly found dignity that has never been experienced before. People are not afraid to speak up and ask for things they have been promised by politicians. They have a self-belief that is the complete opposite of the lack of self-worth visible previously.

Our experience has shown that people with this level of empowerment are prepared to work their own way out of poverty. They don’t want continual handouts; they want to provide for themselves and their family, they want to be educated and progress without asking for help all the time.

Another interesting factor that is not researched, but about which we have seen some evidence, is that where people are not afraid of their children dying they don’t have the same need to conceive at the same rate as they did previously. Poverty breeds population.

Empowerment and independence are the end results of the work; happy healthy people who look after themselves and who can contribute to a thriving local economy.
In our opinion that is what aid is about.

The road to empowerment begins with sanitation.