UK charity Wherever the Need (WTN) started working in India about 2001, and worked with a number of registered NGOs around the country. The amount of work that was being supported meant that an increasing amount of trips, for a longer period of time, were necessary to monitor projects.

Believing that a more stable and self-sufficient system was needed, WTN inquired about people who may be available to work on our projects. With the majority of our projects being in Tamil Nadu, and in particular the Pondicherry/Cuddalore area, local contacts were asked for advice and we were introduced to a well-respected gentleman named S. Paramasivan.

Paramasivan not only put our Indian operation on a more stable footing, he brought with him considerable experience, having worked in many parts of India for both developmental and disaster related projects. Of course, his greatest experience was in ecological sanitation (ecosan) and sustainable water supplies, and he matched WTN’s ambition to expand the availability of both to the poorest communities.

Under Paramasivan’s guidance Wherever the Need India Services was formed in 2009 to become an independent organisation with its own board members and constitution. WTN UK and WTN USA both continue to support WTN India as it continues it excellent work as the foremost ecosan supplier in India.