A Project for You

We are regularly approached by individuals, organisations and businesses who wish to help support our work, sometimes even fund an entire project. They tell us how much money they are likely to raise and then we identify, administer and manage the project – but in essence the project is theirs.

Although historically our donations have come from our sister organisation in the UK, there is a wealth of opportunity for you to sponsor your very own project. The following are examples of how UK donors have sponsored specific projects.

David Thompson asked for donations, not presents for his 50th birthday celebration and ended up building a primary school ecosan unit in India. Sarah Ream and Henry Hocking also built a primary school ecosan unit, but to celebrate their marriage. Geoffrey Margolis and his girlfriend Lorraine raised money for a school ecosan in Sierra Leone, while a bunch of friends in New Zealand did the same thing, only for a borehole and handpump.

Please contact us if you would like us to arrange a specific project for you.

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