Over 14,000 manual scavengers rehabilitated

March 04, 2011  |   General news,Poverty,Sanitation   |

Over 14,000 manual scavengers rehabilitated

“The Orissa Government has claimed to have rehabilitated 14,077 persons involved in manual scavenging in the State.

In a report recently submitted to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), the State government mentioned that about 3,456 manual scavengers could not be rehabilitated due to their death and migration and many were not interested in receiving the benefits.

According to the last survey, as many as 16,386 manual scavengers and their dependants were identified for rehabilitation and subsequently 1,147 were identified which took the total number of manual scavengers in the State to 17,533.

The State government claimed that the number of scavengers in Orissa came down from 35,049 in 1997-98 to 17,533 in 2008…”

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